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My name is Ellie and I run the blog “Christian Wifestyle”. I started blogging in January 2020 when I noticed many people were struggling to stay at home and make basic recipes for their families. Countless people were posting their first attempts at making bread and some even were cooking at home for the first time. Others were complaining about being around their kids 24/7, and hundreds of people couldn't fathom cutting their own hair.

So many people had forgotten the art of keeping a home.

I created this blog to show women that homemaking isn’t as tough as it looks. With a few simple recipes, cleaning hacks, and a bible, you can take on just about anything!

I strive to be a Proverbs 31 wife, and in doing so, I explore related topics such as homemaking, cooking, working, prepping, and having a strong relationship with your God and your husband.

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