Hello There!        

My name is Ellie and I run the blog called "Christian Wifestyle." I started blogging in 2020 with the goal of helping young wives find their Wifestyle. 

When I first got married, I struggled to find mine, as people were either teaching modern marriage or strict traditional homemaking; or in other words, the wife rules the house or the husband is king.
I could not accept this as it didn't resonate with me and my values. I wanted to create a marriage where both spouses are able work together, to share duties, and responsibilities; one not controlling the other, but helping lift each other up to be closer to God and to live the life that they decided to create together. One where CHRIST is KING.
Most of my views on how a wife should be are based on Proverbs 31, and in doing so, I explore related topics such as, homemaking, cooking, working, prepping, and having a strong relationship with your God and your husband.

Thanks for stopping by!