Off to Bed Part 2: The Bathroom

Your bathroom is where you will spend a good portion of your time. The average person spends about 92 days on the toilet alone and about a year and a half in the bathroom in general. 

Why not make your space a welcoming one? One that you can't wait to step into and start your day.

Some would call it their least favorite place to clean, while others, myself included, are excited to clean it.
Maybe you're afraid of your toilet like I was or you just can't find the time. Well with only 10 minutes every night, you can conquer those fears and reclaim your bathroom!

Here is my helpful guide on how to keep five major parts of your bathroom clean. Not only for a wonderful morning, but a less stressful deep clean day.

The bathroom cleaner I've been loving lately is called Citrasolve. It's and amazing concentrated cleaner and each bottle can make 11 gallons!The glass and toilet cleaner, I make myself.

What you'll need:

• Shower cleaner or vinegar
• Multipurpose cleaner
• Glass cleaner
• Baking soda
• Vinegar
• Cleaning cloths or paper towels


When you are done taking a shower, spray it down with some vinegar to help prevent soap scum from building up. Or you could spray a shower cleaner. One of my favorites is the Method foaming bathroom cleaner in eucalyptus. If using a cleaner, be sure to wipe and rinse it at the very end to give it some time to work.

Sink and Counters

Multipurpose cleaner and a rag is all you need for a quick nightly clean. Make sure to wipe down the faucet too!

Wipe down counters and organize anything that is on them.


Spray with glass cleaner or make your own. The one I make is 4oz water, 4oz white vinegar, and 10 drops lime essential oil. You can also use this to shine your sink and shower faucets.


I don't clean my toilet every night, only when it needs to be refreshed in between deep cleans. For this I use some baking soda and vinegar, then I scrub it with a toilet brush. Flush it and make sure to allow to brush to dry in the toilet between the bowl and the lid. This prevents the grossness from building up in your brush holder.

You're done!

It might not seem like much, but you will be so thankful in the morning when you step into a sparkling clean bathroom.

I hope you found this helpful and that you come back for part 3 of Off to Bed: The Living Room.

If you do follow this routine, I would love to see your pictures. Tag me in them on Instagram @ChristianWifestyle 


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