Off to Bed Part 4: The Living Room

Close the blinds

Again we are starting by closing the blinds or curtains. Imagining you are tucking your house in for the night, helps to create a warm and cozy environment.

Clear the floor

Clear up any clutter that has accumulated through our the day. For me its video game cables and dog toys.

Make the couch

If there are blankets fold them or drape them nicely over the couch. Fluff and place any pillows.

Organize tv station

Find all the remotes and controllers and put them where they belong, so in the morning you aren't endlessly searching. 

Turn down the lights

Dim the harsh over head lights or lamps. Maybe light a candle and enjoy your night.

With the living room all nicely tucked in, that concludes my 4 part series Off to Bed: Putting your House to Bed. I do hope you enjoyed this series, it was the first one I have ever written, but I do plan on doing more in the future. I hope you stop by next Sunday for my next post The Fruit of the Spirit  is: LOVE. That is also another series I am writing where I go over the nine fruits of the spirit and how to apply them to your life. 

If you do follow this routine, I would love to see your pictures. Tag me in them on Instagram @ChristianWifestyle 


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