100 Follower Give Back

I can't believe that we reached 100 followers and all centered around God. I wanted to give back to everyone with a free downloadable weekly prayer log!

I hope to be able to bring more resources to you guys in the future to help you on your walk with God!

I am about to get a bit sappy on this post, so if you would like to skip last this the download is at the bottom of the page! 

I started this blog when I took two months off at the beginning of this pandemic with the intent to create a place for homemakers. It was supposed to be full of tips and tricks to make homemaking easier. 

It was around the same time that my older sister suggested that we start penpaling since meeting in person wasn't an option. 

She would send me all sorts of goodies, mainly focused around Christianity and the bible. I am so glad that she did, because also at this time, I was so far from God. Because of her, I was able to reconnect with my faith and start bringing His love into my relationship.

Now I spend time with God everyday and my life has changed in so many ways. A major way is what I post on my blog and Instagram. I love writing about different biblical topics and I plan on writing way more in the future; and hopefully in the future, there will be enough people to start an online bible study group. 

Thank you all for listening and for making all of this possible.


Download Weekly Prayer Log


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