3 Month Challenge - Week One Update

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 A week ago I started my three month challenge to kickstart this new year. I am pleased to say, that things are going great. 

Spending time with God

Now when I wake and don't want to get out of bed, I read my bible on my phone or when I'm on my breaks at work, I read "Messy Beautiful Love" by Darlene Schacht. If you haven't read her book and you are struggling with your marriage, I highly recommend it. After every chapter, you will walk away with the strength and knowledge to keep going.

Cook everyday

Cooking everyday has happened! It started with a slow cooked beef brisket that lasted us three days; I added rice and deli potatoes, we also ate through all the leftovers in our fridge. Once that ran out and my husband offered to get us fast food, I didn't allow it to make me feel like a failure. I don't have to cook every meal that we eat; and when my husband decides to take care of dinner, I am now allowing him to lead and not trashing his decisions for our family. A great article about allowing your husband to lead is by Mrs. Midwest called "4 Ways I Help My Husband Lead Me". I absolutely love her blog and she has written some insightful content about having a traditional marriage.

Ten minute tidy up

We recently purchased a new chair and carpet for our living room and it feels so good; It feels like a clean slate. Sometimes its motivating to start over and not have to play "catch up" every time you clean and be reminded that you failed. Although it is good to experience so you can learn from your mistakes in the past. The lesson I learned from my old carpet, 

1. White isn't a suitable carpet color for me

2. Vacuum regularly, especially if you have a dog

My mindset for cleaning has also changed. No longer do I "try" to do this and "try" to do that, I just do it. Nothing will ever change if you have the option to stay the same.

Exercise daily

My dog gets her walks at least once a day and gets walked twice a day at least three times.

Get frugal

I made a savings goal and hit it! This was something that I was not expecting to happen as fast, but I'm glad that it did. This week, I'm going to focus on being a steward of the Lords finances.

Write more

I am surprised by this one, I actually have written so much this week. Not only that, I'm proud of the work that I have done. My dream job is to be a full time, successful writer, and I was shooting myself in the foot by not doing the one thing that would bring me closer to that goal. 

I will see you in next weeks update to the three month challenge!

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