Organizing Under the Kitchen Sink


I had enough of the clutter! For the last two weeks, organizing my home has been my mission. I successfully decluttered my pants/undergarment drawer, our night stand, all the towels in my house, under the bathroom sink, and the one I am most proud of, under the kitchen sink.

This project was the most dramatic transformation of all my projects. Just look at the before picture!

Thankfully, most of the mess was grocery bags. At first, I was going to just throw all of them into a brown paper bag. This method didn't offer a satisfying long-term solution, as I had hoped. 

How I Organized

However, Pinterest has tons of solutions! I found Courtenay from The Creek Line House's post on how to fold plastic grocery bags. I will link her post.

By The Creek Line House

Here is what I ended up with. Twenty-seven neatly folded grocery bags. Probably one of my proudest moments and it was one full of reflection. Never in a million years would I have guessed that I would now be that lady who folds plastic bags. Now that I am, consider me an advocate for everyone to fold theirs from now on.

After taking all the bags out

For the cleaning supplies, I put them together in a bucket that we used to soak our bonsai tree in. For the sponges, brillo pads, and grocery bags, I went to target and bought a two tiered organizer from Target for $25. In the bottom I put the bags and up top I have the sponges and brillo pads.

Before putting everything back in, I wiped the area down to disinfect everything. 

I hope you liked this bit of organization and implement one of my strategies. There will be more organizational tutorials to come in the future and I can't wait!

Happy organizing



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