5 Day Prayer Challenge

Happy Sabbath everyone!

In my spare time I was looking at different infographics on Pinterest. Most of them were about beauty care or statistics. That's when I had the idea to make a prayer challenge.

A few weeks ago, I was going through a rough time and I had to lean hard on the Lord. I'm sure you've experienced those days. Nothing is going right, you feel stuck in a rut, and your overall mood is just blah! It was difficult, but I made it out on the other side for the better. We need those tough times for us to learn a lesson or be tested in our faith.  

In the end, my perspective changed drastically! So drastically that I made a 5 day prayer challenge covering what I prayed for. You can find the free download here and at the bottom of this post.

Day 1 - Pray for your faith. 
Faith is the foundation and without it, everything else will crumble. Having faith in the Lord is essentially having trust in the Lord.

Day 2 - Pray for patience.
Life takes patience, and it's easy to get caught up in social media where someone is always living the life you want. Rushing things on your time will just leave you frustrated. Remember that things will always happen on God's time. 

Day 3 - Pray for clarity
When you have clarity in your faith, the path God wants you to take is clear. Maybe not clearly laid out, but when situations arise, you are able to decipher His message.

Day 4 - Pray for wisdom
While praying for wisdom, don't be surprised if you find yourself in several situations that leave you baffled. The definition of wisdom is having experience, knowledge, and good judgement. You can't gain experience without going through a few trials.

Day 5 - Pray for a pure heart
A pure heart is one that has Jesus Christ at the center. It's about trying your hardest to live a life that will bring honor and glory to Him. One where ill intent, selfishness, or sin is cast out and replaced with God's word and His laws.

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