Searching for Purpose Online


Photo by Anna Shvets from Pexels

Have you ever caught yourself in a loop of desperately opening apps, scrolling for a few seconds, closing said app, opening another one, scrolling, closing that one, opening chrome and staring at the screen? Today I’m doing just that. Searching online for some sort of fulfillment before, I inevitably face my day of going to work at a job that I’m not all too thrilled to be at. 

What am I searching for?

In a word, purpose

I look around and see an apartment full of stuff that is unnecessary in the sense that there are others all around the world living without them. I could get to work on tasks that will temporarily provide me with a sense of purpose, but what is the motivation? To have a clean house that will only relapse to a state of disorder in a few days?

The purpose my soul is craving is a higher calling that can only be found in He who created me.



What is the purpose that He made me for? To praise and worship Him. To be the salt of the earth. To be a good steward of the earth. That purpose transcends all other reasons to accomplish things. 

The next time you're endlessly opening apps and scrolling, delight yourself in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart. Psalms 37:4. Open up your bible and allow Holy Spirit to guide you to a passage or get on your knees and pray. 

As humans with a spirit, deep down, we aren't looking for material things or some momentary task to preoccupy ourselves with. We are looking for a reason to do things. Spending time in the Word will give you that reason. It will fill your cup and make your soul thirst no more.


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